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Dec 10, 1999 04:35 PM

Any late-breaking Babbo recommendations?

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I've been, but not for a while (almost a year, I think). Going Monday night, dinner, late seating. Anything even-more-than-usually fabulous on the menu these days?

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  1. Pray that the maple marscapone cheesecake is available.

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    1. re: Liza


      Thanks for the tip; I've started praying. In fact, I think that from this moment on, all my prayers will include the phrase "maple mascarpone cheesecake," just to be on the safe side.


      1. re: Steven Stern

        Last Monday I got a sneak peek into the Babbo kitchen. Tiny! I have no idea how they produce what they do in that space. I am biased, most likely, but was so impressed with Mario Batali's committment to his cuisine. Want to plan a caper to swipe the pasta refrigerator?

      2. re: Liza

        And the lamb's tongue salad. Definitely the lamb's tongue salad. The testa--head cheese--too, if you like to live on the funky side of the street.

      3. If Scottish Wood Pigeon with Gnocchi is on the menu, I would highly recommend that.