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Dec 10, 1999 09:33 AM

Patisserie for bouche de noel Manhattan or Brooklyn

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help Bonte is out of business! Need a new patisserie

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  1. I have enjoyed the buche from Marquet - in Village (13th nr University, I believe) or on Smith Street in Cobble Hill in past years. If you live in Brooklyn, id try that location first - its where they bake.

    1. How about Payard Patisserie on Lex between 73rd & 74th streets? Really has some stunning looking baked goods!

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        Beware, Payard gets TONS of orders during the X'mas season. Last year, my order for the bouche de noel was "lost" when I went to pick it up. The place was jam-packed with people, and François was really stressed out, yelling into his walkie-talkie. Extras were made for emergencies so I got one anyway. Unfortunately, maybe because of the holiday rush, the bouche was not very good at all.