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Dec 8, 1999 09:04 AM

Tinda and....

  • j

Went to Tindo Friday night and had a great meal. The lobster in ginger scallion sauce was delicious. It was little messy and slippery and became gelatinous towards the end, but still yummy. I was concerned because I am not a big fan of ginger, but the flavor was not overwhelming. We also had the mixed seafood, tofu and broccoli in a baby wok. MMMMM...a mixture of squid,large scallops, shrimps and another unidentified shellfish. The vegetables were super fresh. Tofu is another thing I am not too crazy about, but this was great! The tofu in this dish was lightly fried and the tofu was more like a custardy consistency and mixed in with the tofu was shrimp. It was so good my toes curled and that never happens to me when eating tofu. We also had another dish (can't remeber the name) squid, bits of pork, pineapple also very good. The entire meal with a soda came to $44.00. WOuld love to me more adventurous at Tindo, but I have a tough time understanding the waiters when I ask questions that leaves me shy and frustrated. Will work on that.
After dinner we went to St. Alps? for bubble tea. The place was packed. I odered the "house speciality" green tea. I was dissapointed. The "bubbles" made me sick after awhile. Should have gone to Chinatown Ice Cream for lychee ice cream.

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  1. jo, as for adventurousness, i have two suggestions:

    1. order from the small specials menu. can't go wrong, and everything's interesting. A few things (like salt fish) are strong-flavored and may not be to your taste, but you're doing important legwork and it's ok to sometimes end up with stuff not to your taste (please observe chowhound courtesy and pay for stuff you can't eat...surprisingly many gringos insist on NOT paying, and that's what fuels the much-lamented "I won't bring you that, gringos don't like" syndrome)

    2. the lady with the eyeglasses downstairs is the co-owner (she's married to the chef), speaks good english, and is helpful/friendly, to a point (she's real busy). Try to eat downstairs, try to get a relationship with her.

    Also, if you'd like to discuss specific dishes, this is the place to do so! We'll be your waiters....