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Dec 7, 1999 05:08 PM


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Okay...feeling kinda bummed about the portions and quality of food I've been having lately...Would love to hear of some great finds in Manhattan or Queens for FRESH interesting food at GOOD Prices and GOOD PORTIONS.

Went to Gabriela's on the upper west side saturday night, thought it was really nothing much. Don't know why it was so highly touted here on these boards. My wife had pretty decent rotisserie chicken, but the beans were bland, the rice average, and they don't even give you any chips gratis to taste their 3 sauces they rush to put on the table. The carrots are nothing interesting they give you. I had the grilled chicken which was over $12, a miniscule portion, which was cut into strips like chimichanga (spelling?),..sorry but I've had better at the Cheesecake factory for half the price. They also forgot my puny portion of rice and the beans were bland. Had to order a side order of plaintains, which were a mushy mess. I guess it would be too much to expect a couple on my plate? Much better meals can be had at Pio Pio for the same type of food, and if you are ever in Florida, Pollo Tropical can feed a family of four for $12. The tortillas had a good taste, but the service was lousy and the price of a margarita $7.50? C'mon. Bad Vibe all around. Will stick with the mexican on Willis Ave in LI near Rosyln. Ok, I feel much better getting all that off my chest.
oh, by the way had a very fresh and good wrap-fresh juicy white meat chicken with avocado and roasted peppers on a spinach wrap at a fair price at Market city cafe (I think that's what it's called) on Columbus ave near the 70's.

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  1. Gabriella's is REAL inconsistent. I've had meals there that shook my faith, too and I know what they can do on a good day.

    And, of course, Pio Pio (Peruvian) is a whole different cuisine and style and menu (...though I love it!).

    No fair bringing up Pollo Tropical. You can't compare Latino ANYTHING up here with back in the mother country (Florida, I mean!)

    Try Gabriella's again. Get fancier dishes (don't miss panuchos). get licuados. do NOT order tacos/burritos/etc.

    The place on Willis Ave (Green Cactus) is strictly fast food. Not bad for a quick munch while on expressway, but neither authentic nor very good on any absolute scale (though it's an A-Minus on the quick munch scale). for similar food but a bit fancier and best-of-type, hit baja grill on jericho tpk in Elwood shopping center (across from blockbuster)


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      I agree with Jim that some of the best stuff at Gabriela's is the most expensive, esp. their daily fish specials, with which I have rarely been dissapointed. (Memories of an achiote rubbed tuna, fish tacos, a crab enchilada in a poblano cream sauce, and shrimp veracruzano stand out.)

      I haven't eaten there yet, but the new Gabriela's in the 70s has a few interesting sounding fish tacos on their regular menu. They also have papadzules, a classic Mayan dish of filled tortillas in a pumpkin seed sauce. In an earlier post, I had cast some aspersions on their rendition of the dish by saying that Gabrielas prepared it with tomatillos, which would be a grossly unauthentic adulteration. I guess it was too dark to read the menu carefully, because I wlaked by again the other day and I am pleased to report that there are not tomatillos in the papadzul sauce (at least not according to the printed menu).

      I hereby apologize. May the dzul forgive me.