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Dec 5, 1999 01:38 PM

Theater District Steakhouse Needed

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Help! It has been more than ten years since I've eaten a steak in the theater district. I've got friends who are coming in from out of town who are on Zone'y Atkins'y diet and are taking me out to the theater if I take them out to dinner.

Has anyone been to Palm West? Ben Benson's? Gallagher's lately (I used to love the roast beef hash there, but never ate a steak)? Any better alternatives? Must be walking distance to the theater.

Am certainly open to non-steakhouses (I might prefer it) if they have a serious steak.



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  1. Hi David,

    How about the Chimichurri Grill on 9th Avenue between 43rd and 44th Streets? My one meal there with a couple of friends was pretty darn good, especially if you like Argentinian beef. Large portions, too. And the chimichurri sauce is first rate!

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    1. re: mitchw
      Dave Feldman

      You named where I *wanted* to go, but they seem to want a steakhouse. I've never met a single human being who has eaten at Palm West. But it looks like that's where we re going to end up.

      I thought of Churasscia Platforma, Jen, but the word of mouth I've received has been lukewarm.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        If you eat the specific things I mentioned in my book at plataforna, you can do well. Black beans (gotta specially ask for 'em), costela de boi (beef ribs....carted around on a plate), and picanya (pee-CON-yuh), both of which you MAY have to request. Nibble other stuff out of curiosity but really tear into those specific things and you'll be ok.

        1. re: Dave Feldman
          Josh Mittleman

          You might consider Homestead. It isn't in the Theater
          District, but it's an easy cab or subway ride away.

          1. re: Josh Mittleman

            Thanks, Brad and Josh,

            Is there such a thing as an "easy cab ride" in midtown Manhattan at this time of year, Josh? I think I'm going to take Brad's suggestion and stick with Palm West.
            Has anyone been to Tapika since it switched from "southwestern" to "Southwestern steakhouse?"

      2. perfect candidates for a rodizio place, id say.

        1. I have not been to Palm West, but having been many times to the original a few of their spin-offs in other cities, I've found the food to be the same good quality at each (and the others usually have had better service). This would be my choice.

          While I did not know of Jim's specific reccomendations at the time, I am also not a huge fan of Platforma, primarily due to the Marriott Minneapolis/tourbus atmosphere.

          Another suggestion is Morton's at 45 & 5th. While I hate (to put it mildly) their hokey "presentation", their steaks are pretty tasty.

          1. Dave,

            I have been to all of the places you mentioned in the last 3 months. Believe it or not, Palm West is the best. I was there last friday, spur of the moment, and had very low expectations because of the tourist season. But I have to say, they did a great job -- sat us quickly and comfortably, and the steak was really good. One caveat: avoid the creamed spinach. for some reason they are putting cheese in it and it really doesn't work at all.

            Gallaghers is also okay i guess, kind of tired but it's a piece of history so out of towners might dig it.

            While we're on the subject of steak, let me just say that Smith & Wollensky is one of the more OVERRATED of the bunch. I've been a regular for years but have been disillusioned by a string of bad meals. oh well.

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            1. re: matt

              Thanks for the encouraging word. I've finally "met" a human being who has eaten at Palm West! Did you have any of the potato side dishes? Any you'd recommend?

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                the cottage fries were good, nice and crisp. home fries were also fine, as was the monday salad. only big negative was the spinach. i've actually had 2 other steak dinners since then and i really must say, the steak at Palm West was pretty good.

            2. s
              Shemmy Mishaan

              I love Chimichurri Grill on 9th and 43rd. Small Argentinian place that has wonderful steak, other interesting dishes (incl. Patagonian toothfish and Argentinian pasta (who knew?)) and wines. Excellent french fries as well. I haven't been in the last few months, but I doubt it has gone downhill.

              Hope that helps.