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Nov 30, 1999 10:14 AM


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Finally caught up on the newspapers that had accumulated while I was away. The review in the Times last Wed. about a newish restaurant in the East Village called Prune, sounded intriguing. Has any one tried it? I'm only home a day and a half and already I'm storing up places to try next time. pat

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  1. I've been there twice and loved it both times. They really pack 'em in to this tiny, well appointed space (its far smaller than my studio apartment). But, for that very reason, I found it to be a great date place. Other added pluses were the BYO policy (although I believe they may now have a liquor license) and fact that it was smoking friendly. I also liked the enthusiastic waitstaff. As for the food (the important part), on both trips I found it to be solid (i.e., not overly adventerous), thoughtful and well executed, as well as reasonably priced. For example, on my first visit I started with a basic green salad that was perfectly dressed (I love a good vinagarette) and came in an enormous wooden bowl. The steak with parsley butter that followed also was done nicely. On my next visit, I loved the meltingly tender lamb shank and potato side (galette and smashed were better than the carmelized). The crispy, fennel (?) studded flat bread that precedes dinner is also yummy. I should mention that several of my compatriots on both trips LOVED the baconwrapped chop. Overall, this is a sweet little restaurant with a really good vibe and enjoyable offerings. I can't wait to go back!

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      Thanks very much for your comprehensive reply. It does sound wonderful. It will definitely be at the top of my list the next trip around. pat