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Nov 28, 1999 12:16 PM

DInner before the Opera

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Any recommendations of a place for a decent dinner, not a mob scene, near Lincoln Center?


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  1. Why don't you try West 63rd Street Steak House. Great food and an adult environment with excellent service. It's neither ultra-hip nor earlybird special centric.

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    1. re: Stefany B.

      How about Nick and Toni's cafe on 67th? I haven't been there, but boss-man and his wife like it a lot. Hmm - is that good or bad? :-)

      1. re: Gini

        N & T's is allright. Nice, friendly, comfortable, stylish, casual, and not a scene like their E. Hampton place. I often go there for drinks pre or post Lincoln Ctr. (they happen to have a good/interesting selection of wine-by-the-glass, sherries, grappa, etc.). Food is pretty decent, but nothing incredible/memorable. Stick with the wood-oven roasted items.

    2. Try:
      1. Picholine (one of my personal NYC faves)
      2. The bar area (called Nougatine)at Jean Georges has tables, takes reservations (which you don't have to make eons in advance, like the main restaurant)and has more moderately priced food and smaller dishes that at the main restaurant. Quite nice if you are all dressed for the opera.
      3. Sapphire for Indian

      1. You may enjoy La Boite en Bois, W 68 BTW Columbus and CPW. I have found it an alternative to Picholine (when I couldnt get a reservation there) and have enjoyed it very much. Cozy and capable.

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        1. re: Deb Van D
          Josh Mittleman

          I second the recommendation for Boite en Bois. I've had several excellent meals there.

        2. I've always enjoyed Josephina's, as did an earlier poster-- I've included a link below.