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Nov 26, 1999 07:12 PM

Los Dos Rancheros Mexicanos

  • j

Being new to this board I post about the above place on 9th Ave. and 38St - although there may have been previous posts on it. Having lived in Mexico (went to the University there for a while) I am a little familiar with Mexican food. This is a MEXICAN restaurant. Not tex mex, not a yuppie place to get a combination plate of enchiladas and tacos with your margarita as you sit on the sidewalk on 3rd or 2nd Ave on upper east side. It's authentic - to prove it - I don't drink the water there but they do have a selection of about half a dozen cervezas mexicanas. Would you believe: paper plates, plastic forks. But it's like eating at the Cafe Tacuba in Mexico City. And I especially like the stack of hot tortillas you get with main dishes - the real kind. It will help if you can speak Spanish but they'll stumble through your English also. Prices? insane. 3 of us ate there one evening for a total with tip, tax for about $35 or $40 - beers and all. BTW to really prove it's authentic - we asked for some tamales but the waitress said she was all out of them we asked her when she'd have some. Her answer:manana.

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  1. j
    Jonathan Sibley

    I agree. I went in for some tacos (the real kind), but also got a "tlacoyo" which is a thick piece of masa with beans and cheese. The tlacoyo, which is quite filling is $2! I was going to order more, but the waitress stopped me, and she was right. Not fancy, but pretty authentic.