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Nov 23, 1999 01:54 PM

BBQ joint on LES

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Anyone try House of Good Eats for BBQ yet?

To read the NY Times article about this place, go to the link below and plug "House of Good Eats" into the search box.


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  1. Sorry, Anne, we had to delete and repost your original posting, becasue you'd pasted in the NY Times article itself and that's an illegal copyright infringement.

    The place sounds AWESOME (it's in Essex Market on the Lower East Side), by the way...I hope people search for and read the article.

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      Or if you're reading this when the article is no longer available on the Times website (or you just want to read an abbreviated version), you can find it in the Chowhound restaurant encapsulations for the week of November 19.

      1. re: BT Hillery

        "you can find it in the Chowhound restaurant encapsulations for the week of November 19"

        .which we've just uploaded (see link below)


        1. re: Jim Leff
          Robert Sietsema

          Before all you chowhounds go running out to this "awesome" sounding place--

          It's not really a barbecue, by any definition I'm aware of. The meat is done over a gas-fired grill that the very personable grillmaster has thrown one or two "mesquite" charcoal briquettes on. The beef ribs come out raw in the middle, which is fine if that is your idea of barbecue. The pork ribs are tasty, and the guy takes real good care of them. As he explained to me, "I'm not claiming that I smoke the meat, this is barbecue!" The ribs are done in about two hours. I guess this place is marginally OK compared to Brothers or Tennessee Mountain, but I'd rather eat straw.

        2. re: BT Hillery

          Whoops! I'm really sorry I messed up and pasted in that copyrighted material. Never again. I am also sad to find out that this place was disappointing. Oh well! On to Queens...