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Nov 22, 1999 12:42 PM

Joe's Shanghai uptown

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Had late lunch at Joe's Shanghai on sunday. Food was good, very expensive, and service non-existant. Ordered the soup dumplings - excellent, and a shrimp entree. Entree arrived while I was eating dumpling number two, and despite saying that I was not ready it stayed right on the table. Each time a waiter or busser passed they lifted the steamer lid to see if I was finished! Actually at this point I was picking away at everything, but decided that I was more comfortable taking it home. All I wanted was a leisurely lunch, read the paper, and a friendly smile. Not to be. I left a really lousy tip - if I could have found a manager I would have explained why. No they weren't full, or closing. Anyone have a better experience?

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  1. no, your experience there was pretty accurate. it's too bad you didn't find out about chowhound sooner. i posted about 6 months ago with a post entitled "do NOT go to midtown joe's shanghai". use the search engine (it's good practice) and check it out. you'll probably get a good kick out of it, though i didn't complain about the service so much as the obscene prices and not so great food.


    p.s.-welcome to chowhound! :-)

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      Thanks - actually I've been a Chowhounder for a couple of years :-)) Just don't always remember to check for a spur of the moment dumpling! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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        " Just don't always remember to check for a spur of the moment dumpling!"

        I'm working on making the site HDML accessible so you'll be able to log on with all sorts of handheld devices. Check cravings, indulge yearnings, etc.

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          oops, my bad. :-) you've been a chowhound longer than me. i apologize.

          with all the press lately, there seem to be a lot of newbies and i didn't recall seeing your name before so i was just trying to extend a warm welcome.

          hmmm, there's a funny taste in my mouth - what is it? - oh, that's my foot. . .

          :-) wonki

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            Wonki - hate that pesky foot taste? try avocado oil soap. I've seen it at Fairway-north. ;)

            Happy Thanksgiving.