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Popover Cafe not much..APPLE PIE & CASUAL SPOTS!

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Was looking for a place to take my aunt today for a casual lunch..thought I would try the Popover Cafe on Amsterdam as I thought I had read from somewhere here that is was pretty okay. I had wanted to try the Delphini, I think that is the name per reccomendation from this board, but called there and they were closed for lunch due to a party. So, ended up at Popover...had to wait 20 min at 2:45pm...had a nice but pretty inept waiter, and we ordered lemon pancakes and an omelet with spinach, goat cheese and mushrooms. It came with a popover which was the only thing served hot. It did have very good strawberry butter. The omelet was ice cold and pretty small with no garnish or anything for $10..a disgrace in my opinion....they should at least have a fruit medley or salad or something with it...even hash brown for goodness sake! The pancakes were nothing and the lemon sauce was just strange, did not go at all.
The other stuff on the menu, I thought were strange combinations...not inventive good combinations. The coffee was decent, but pretty disapointing and very overpriced...so can we start a thread on where are the best casual places, fairly priced for a good lunch....a place with great salads, sandwiches, and the like? After we ate was thinking maybe we should have tried the Josie's instead, as I have never been there....On Thursday night we had a good meal at Pepe Verde in the west village,,,,since there's barely any seating a stranger sat at our table...nice guy..an only in ny experience...funny place...lots of traffic....but food was good..prices great..will defintely go again. The place next door Da Andrea was sort of dead looking, so we didn't go there even though you could sit....was looking for a place for apple pie afterwards,,but we couldn't seem to find one...So, WHERE's the BEST APPLIE PIE...and WHERE ARE THESE CASUAL AFFORDABLE Places to have a nice pleasant lunch?

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  1. I've been to Popovers many times, since it is 2 blocks from my house, and kid friendly.

    While I wouldn't claim it wins any prizes for cuisine, I'd say that your experience is not similar to mine. I've never been served things cold (unless they were supposed to be!) and generally have found the help to be competent.

    Some of the food combos do sound odd. One I do like is the Mad Russian sandwich.

    Anyway, like I said, it isn't super food, but it is nice, they let you sit and read (except at weekend brunch, when everyplace in the nabe is jammed) and the breakfast food is fine, as are a couple sandwiches

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      You'll have the same (if not longer!)wait, but next time you're brunching in that 'hood, try Good Enough To Eat, on Amsterdam (and I think 83rd?). Yummy stuff, much more unique and somewhat less cloyingly cutesy than Popover.

    2. Haven't been in a while, but in that neighborhood Dock's had a nice lunch menu (especially for dear old aunty).