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Nov 17, 1999 01:23 PM

thumbs up for L'Orange Bleue

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Went with a group of four to L'Orange Bleue at 430 Broome St. last night and had a pretty fabulous meal. We started with duck rolls, crispy fried and served with a perfect tamarind sauce; steamed mussels in a buttery curry sauce, accompanied by plenty of crusty peasant bread for dipping; and a very tasty apple-endive salad. We passed around the main courses: seared scallops with a tureen of potato, covered with steamed leaks; a massive and perfectly done tuna steak; and a 12. oz strip steak, served over sauteed spinach and accompanied by some expertly executed pommes frites. The steak was a work of art, cut as thick as I've ever seen a strip steak and sliced into London Broil-like slabs, which both enhanced the presentation and made it easier to eat. The service was extremely good and especially helpful in helping us pick out wine. We closed out with profiterols, a cheese plate, and a magnificent lemon tart.

I'm surprised I've heard and read so little about this place, because our experience was tremendous. I'd be curious to hear if others have had the same reaction.


Tom M

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    Jessica Shatan

    It has been on my list for a while since the Village Voice called it best Morroccan or some such thing. Now you have convinced me. It may still be on this site where they encapsulated the VV Best of NY food reviews.