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Nov 16, 1999 02:10 PM

Capsouto Freres

  • j

gang, I've got to write about this place. There's been almost no talk about it on these boards (found your brunch tip, though, Liz). any comments? recommended dishes? great/horrible experiences?


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  1. One word: Souffles. Especially the blood orange souffle when available!

    1. j
      Judith Hancock

      Gave bruch party for my husband there two years ago and had very favorable experience - good food and good service and lovely decor - a bit out of the way was the only down side - but this was two years ago

      1. Had one meal there. Not bad, but not memorable in any way except for the brick walls. The staff may be Sephardic and what a pity they don't delve into this area of cuisine.

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        1. re: Allan Evans

          They do delve into the Sephardic thang at Passover -- they have a sephardic seder (no religion necessary, I believe).

        2. jim, everything people have said so far seems accurate.

          went there a couple years ago and was good but nothing memorable except for the souffles. very good service too.