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Nov 15, 1999 03:39 PM

Po or Babbo?

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Hi, I want to take my husband to Po or Babbo for his birthday. Has anyone been? What's the difference between them?

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  1. po, small crowded seating good food-make reservations now for 12/16/99. babbo large, more formal, imho, better food make reservations now for 12/16/99. try their newest venture, lupa, roman trattoria type, hip, next to tomoe sushi, cool, relaxed, make reservations now for 12/16/99. good luck enjoy. food in all 3 is good, service has been suspect in many conversations here, do a search to investigate. I personally have enjoyed many meals in po, and babbo, been to lupa once, enjoyed it as well.

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    1. re: stephen kaye
      Greg Gartland

      I ate at lupa friday and enjoyed it quite a bit.

      Prices were very reasonable as well. It would make a fine 3rd choice.

      1. re: Greg Gartland

        It depends on your pocketbook and what sort of birthday meal he likes. Po is tiny and cramped, but with an intimate feel. Not much to the decor. The food is lovingly prepared and will not break the bank. Babbo is more of a "big-deal" occasion restaurant filled with a well-heeled crowd. Excellent food...bigger tab than Po. My vote for a birthday (if your husband likes a fuss made) is Babbo. But act fast, or you won't have a reservation at either one!

    2. Babbo is a more plush, for lack of a better word, while Po is more intimate. I've had amazing meals at both places. Definitely make your reservations now (I think they take a reservations a month in advance) and enjoy.