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Nov 12, 1999 09:16 AM

Pearl Oyster Bar: A Wonderful Lunch!!

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Yesterday, I had off from my job, and wandered down to the Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia Street in the village. This simple marble bar with a table was just what the doctor ordered for a wonderful lunch. I started with 1/2 dozen perfect bluepoint oyster. These sparkling fresh oysters were served with a migionette sauce, some horseradish and lemons. They were redoulent of the ocean. I washed them down with a pint of Young's Oatmeal Stout, a slightly salty, thick, perfectly poured pint of brew. Next I received the Lobster Roll. Maine lobster, lightly tossed with mayo, celery and seasonings, stuffed into a buttered grilled hotdog roll, topped with a salad of mixed greens in a light vinaigrette. On the side of the plate was a veritable pile of shoestring: Belgian Style fries. I asked for malt vinegar and they had it!!!
Mostly everything is made in the 'scratch-house'. except the hot dog rolls, of course. The windows were fogged up with the steam of many bowls of steamed ipswich clams served with bowls of clambroth. YUM!

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  1. I love Pearl and am tempted to allocate one of my two dinners in NY on an upcoming weekend (after a year away!) to a whole fish and a caesar salad there. But I'd rather schedule lunch on Saturday. Are they open for lunch Saturdays? I wasn't even aware that they were open for lunch on weekdays so hope hours may have expanded all around.

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      I nearly forgot, they have the best fried oysters in the world.

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        Went to Pearl for an early dinner a week ago Friday with a workmate. We had:

        Dozen mixed raw oysters - fresh, nice size, 6 kumomoto, 6 bluepoint. Succulent with just a drop of lemon, don't forget to down the juice!

        Smoked salmon & cream fraiche appetizer on a johnnycake - still a great app, but I LOVED it when they used a lightly fried crispy thin potato pancake instaed of the griddlecake. They have not gone back to the original recipe, despite numerous occasions of begging on my part.

        Fried oyster appetizer - as Deborah said, among the best in NYC.

        Lobster roll and french fries - best roll this side of "Lunch" in Ammagansett, the fries just gild the lily - eat them with vinegar in stead of ketchup!

        Crab cake w/cole slaw - meaty, nice, homemade slaw, but not quite up to the "11 on a scale of 1-10" that the rest of the meal rated.

        Did I mention that Pearl has only 3 beers, but they are all great? Always a carefully chosen quality stout, amber and lager - we had many Paulaner pilsners when we were there.

        No room for dessert this time, but don't pass it up, it is always great. Tips: go early (they open at 6) and ask lots of questions - the ladies behind the bar love it when you take an interest in their carefully prepared food!