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Nov 10, 1999 05:09 PM

Union Pacific vs Montrachet

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Need help w/ a birthday dinner. I've narrowed it down to the above two choices but I must make a quick decision. (Though other suggestions always welcome!) Any input appreciated...Thank you.

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  1. this would have been a close call a couple years ago, but now i think it's an easy pick to go to UP. i won't go into the details because i've done that already on these boards elsewhere, but UP just has more exciting, innovative, tasty food. montrachet's chef and menu have changed to very traditional french and is quite boring. also, decor at montrachet is subpar but UP's got a great room. be careful, though, because though UP is prix fixe, it can get out of hand with wine and supps. have fun, and if you want more specifics, you can e-mail me at