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Nov 9, 1999 05:27 PM

Manhattan restaurant

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Where can I find a good plain Maine lobster in Manhattan? I am going into NYC for a long week-end this week-end. Any suggestions??

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  1. A pretty decent lobster can be had at Francisco's Centro Vasco, it is a spanish restaurant @ 161 w. 23rd between 6th -7th ave on north side of street. The lobsters were good but it is very noisy and feels pretty cramped..but have some sangria and it won't feel so bad.

    It's kinda like a lobster factory there...very fresh.

    It's also reasonably priced. I actually much prefer Sevilla's in the west village for spanish food, because I generally order paella and my wife likes shrimp in green sauce. I've had the paella at Francisco's and it doesn't compare to Sevilla's. It really seems like lobsters are the only thing to order at Francisco's and it appears like everybody already knows this..because the couple times I have gone every table has lobster on it.

    Hope you find a good one....

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      What a pleasant surprize. We tried Sevilla's last night and had magnificent paella and a good broiled lobster at what was for us incredible prices! Wine was good and reasonably priced. Abundant portions of food, and great service. Try it!! It was a wonderful find for an old NY'er coming home for a long week-end.

    2. Couple of varying suggestions while agreeing that Centro Vasco is good. Also on 23rd, in the Chelsea Hotel, which is worth the "been there," is El Quijote, where they run a twin Lobster that is pretty great. I had a fantastic Lobster at the WAY over priced, generally over-the-hill Plaza Hotel Oyster Bar. As far as straight Maine Lobster, steamed or broiled you may do best at Dock's on 3rd Avenue. It is real busy with a wierd amount of attitude from the waiters since it doesn't befit the place. But the food, and especially the lobsters and Key Lime Pie is very solid. I would think that you would do well at Dock's or El Quijote for more fun. The Lobster at the Plaza was probably more of an aberration so save your money.

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        Rachel Perlow

        I'm wondering if that Dock's is related to the Atlantic City institution?

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          I do not believe that they are related. The 2 NYC Dock's (which happens to have great oyster/lobsters), are owned/founded by the loose food conglomerate which also started Carmine's, Ollie's, Artie's, Gabriella's, Pollistina's and Virgil's (guess they have a thing for names!).
          FYI- Gabriella is the ex-housekeeper of Arthur Cutler (Artie's), the (now unfortuneately deceased) head of this food group. Cutler started his career as a fish slicer at Murray's Sturgeon Shop, subsequently bought the place and started Dock's, next-door, as an off-shoot.

          1. re: Brad

            my wife is from atlantic city. these places are completely unrelated. docks in AC gas really fallen off the table -- i'm not even sure if they're open anymore

      2. You might try Fireman's of Brooklyn for lobster. (It's in Manhattan -- just has a quirky name.) They do a wonderful fresh New England Lobster Roll and I'll bet their broiled or steamed lobster is good.