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Nov 9, 1999 12:11 PM

chicken biryani on 1st ave and houston

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chatting with a pakistani gent; he said the best biryani he'd had in years was available at 1st ave and houston in a small non-descript deli. apparently, someone cooking from their house makes it and delivers it there. so i'm all excited and am going to go see for myself, but as my time is taken up over the next few days i'm going to have to wait. should anyone else check it out, please post!

another tip was a sensational restaurant that makes great 'karachi' style kebabs on 71st and northern blvd - but unfortunately he couldn't remember the name. bukhara he raved about - but that was one, i had the pleasure to tell him, i already knew of.

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  1. Might that be Punjab? It's in Jim's book, and I know it's around there somewhere. Haven't eaten there, though, although I keep meaning to do so.

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    1. re: Jessica

      pretty sure not...that place is vegetarian. But everything else about Howler's description makes me think that's the place...

      If anyone finds or knows it, please post!

      FWIW, a truly great biryani should have be really even distribution of ingredients; they should be somewhat haphazard, so each bite has a different mix. good luck finding it made this way outside an Indian home, though


      1. re: Jim Leff

        right on! also, every muslim community has engendered its own variation on the basic theme: so for example, the hyderabadi version adds nuts, raisins etc. its also heavenly to get onions sauteed to a brown crisp liberally sprinkled over the rice aaaargh i have to stop, its too close to dinnertime

        1. re: howler
          Jessica Shatan

          I think the place you mean is a taxi driver's haven. They all pull up there and run in to the little deli, run out with take-out containers and eat in their cars.
          If I hail a cab to that area, as I often do at night, sometimes they're happy because they say Oh, perfect, I was hungry anyway. Also, if you need a cab you can walk over there and usually someone is finishing up their dinner and will take you.
          The 1st time a cabbie told me about it I was so amused... this brightly lit, hole-in-the-wall, narrow deli was a mecca for pakastani cabbies? Only in NY!
          Let us know how then chow actually is!

          1. re: Jessica Shatan

            the 'pakistani gent' was indeed a cabbie, so you probably have it right. i'll post as soon as i get a chance to try it.