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Nov 8, 1999 01:27 PM

drover's tap room

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Has anyone been to Drover's Tap Room recently? I may be eating there and wonder what's decent.

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    Steven Stern

    Cocktails and fried chicken.

    I love the bar at Drover's--my girlfriend and I stop in at least once a week. They care about cocktails in a way very, very few places do--no sour mix, all fresh juice, homemade infused spirits, innovative new drinks that actually taste good. (There are other places that do this of course, but Drover's is the least pretentious.) Since most yuppie "cocktail lounges" serve nothing but poorly mixed, sickly sweet flavored vodka conconctions they call martinis, Drover's is a little treasure. They also have a few local microbrews on tap (the Southhampton Pale Ale is a favorite) and good, inexpensive American wines.

    I almost never eat there, though. Most of what I've had has been lackluster--not bad, just uninspired and not as good as, say, Grange Hall. I've had the best luck with simpler things--the fried chicken and the macaroni and cheese always tend to beat out anything in a sauce. (I'm not a fan of their burgers, though I know some are--too much roll, meat not juicy enough, and the lauded Home ketchup taste like Motts' applesauce to me.) I know one night a week they have a "fish fry" special--this seems like exactly the kind of thing they would do well.

    If you go, spend a little time at the bar, and say hi to Matt the bartender for me.

    1. I've tried to go to Drover's several times in the past few months, but there's been a "Sorry, we're on vacation" sign in the window. It got to the point where I was suffereing such withdrawl from their bourbon soaked cherries that I phoned Home restaurant to ask if they knew anything. The friendly woman on the phone told me she expected Drover's would re-open on February 3rd, but that has come and gone. Might anyone have insight as to if they shall ever return?

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        No, they won't. According to Wednesday's Times, both Drover's and Home Away From Home are shutting down for good, so the Pages can concentrate on Home and some other stuff.