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Nov 8, 1999 12:14 AM

bottled water and grand central

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just had to comment on some of the stuff that's on the front page but not on the boards.

i don't know what it is, but i really dislike the taste of evian water. something about it just tastes funky, kind of like the way rolling rock beer always tastes skunky (rhyme unintentional). it's got sort of a plastic taste to it, and i've never tried the kind in the glass bottles so maybe that makes a difference. a bunch of us at work often have this debate (yes, i work in an exciting place), and although we disagree over our favorite water, we're all in agreement that evian's not it. i personally prefer fiji or spa.

as for grand central, alas, as i work basically next door, i must say i'm disappointed so far with what's there. even custard beach let me down - chocolate was too sweet, strawberry boring. that sprinkle machine is mesmerizing though, kind of like watching the machines at the laundromat in miniature.


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  1. Couldn't agree more about evian. I have the same feeling about Vitel. I don't know what that taste is either, almost soapy. Does it have something to do with mineral content? I'm glad someone else mentioned this because most people I know like evian

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    1. re: jim benzian
      Dave Feldman

      Another Evian loather, here. Brita-filtered NYC tap water tastes just fine compared to Evian.

      One question. Why do relatively few restaurants serve Evian?

      1. re: Dave Feldman
        Greg Gartland

        Restaurants don't serve Evian so they can gouge us on Pellegrino.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          kinda shocked by all the anti-Evian messages...I like the stuff. And I like it a LOT better in glass bottles (try it if you get the chance), but I think it's dandy in plastic.

          I DESPISE that plasticky mineral water taste (Poland Springs is the worst, especially in the large size with the cheap plastic), but I don't taste that at all with Evian...seems like a good thick and fairly inert plastic to me...

          It's gotta just be my taste in water. I've tasted waters blind, and I like Evian just as much that way.

          It IS a fairly sweet-tasting water...wonder if that's a factor