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Nov 5, 1999 01:06 PM

Oyster Bar

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Judging from Jim's visits to the Oyster Bar, things just ain't the same. The first casualty, pre-fire, were the bisquits: the managemnet swore they followed the old recipe, but one cashier confided that their chef had retired to Florida (who and where is he??). Less sourness (half & half in place of buutermilk?) and harder texture. Their New England Clam Chowder was always special. Let's fervently hope that Jim found it on an off day although this is astonishingly bad news. So it seems we can only go raw for now with oysters.

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  1. i'll have to concur with jim on the clam chowder - it sucks. the last two times i've been there have been largely unmemorable.

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      The clam chowder at the Oyster Bar had already been made obsolete by the far superior version at Pearl's. The essential thing is that the oyster pan roast is unchanged.