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Nov 2, 1999 07:54 PM

Harry's at the Woolworth Bldg?

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Has anyone ever been to Harry's at the Woolworth Bldg? It's a tiny place actually in the Woolworth Bldg, always with curtains in the windows, always looks kind of closed. (Broadway between Barclay St. and Park Place.)

I've always thought it might be a great old-style hangout like Gino's or Patsy's... I'm not clear what cuisine they serve, possibly chops and seafood, possibly French, maybe with old politicos hanging out 'cause it's right across from City Hall?

Please enlighten me!


P.S. This place is not to be confused with the various other Harry's restaurants in NYC, e.g. Burritos, of Hanover Square, Cipriani etc.

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