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Nov 2, 1999 02:13 PM

Delicious Dilemma Revisited

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{I know there've been similar posts in the past, but not for several months. I did a search, but I need fresh opinions.}

As a thank you to Jason, a business associate of his wants to take us out for dinner to "a place we've always wanted to go to, but haven't". And, as she recently moved to NYC from Washington state, she wants to have a fantastic NYC experience. This will be expensed, and as long as the place takes AMEX, cost is no object.

Some places we are thinking of:

Nobu - I know she likes sushi, as do we
Le Cirque - I know some think the food is over-rated, but just once I need to have a Jacques Torres created sculpture/dessert
Daniel, Jean-Georges, or Le Cote Basque (Jason's thinking French, obviously)

Come on guys, fantasize!
Where would you go if someone offered to take you out, sky's the limit?

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  1. Well, since you said you like sushi, you could go to KurumaZushi, or any of a number of places mentioned on the sushi thread a little while ago.

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      Jessica Shatan

      Well, 2 of the most amazing meals I have had in the recent past of the sky's-the-limit variety have been at Nobu and at Bouley Bakery.
      At Nobu, I recommend doing the chef's menu, where the chef will make what he wants for you after your wait person asks about allergies, preferences, etc. I did it as a dinner and paid extra to have toro included. It was a parade of little dishes, some of them one bite! And the nice thing about Nobu is that the desserts are incredible--love the chocolate bento box--not what you'd expect from a Japanese restaurant.
      At Bouley Bakery I did not heed the advice of my foodie sister-in-law who said skip the appetizer so you can focus on the bread. I wish I had because boy was I full at the end. Have you been there? It wasn't on your list.
      I have never been to any of the Jean-George Vongerichten restaurants so that is a good idea of Jason's (JoJo, Vong, Jean-George).
      Also, I have heard promising thigns about Wild Blue in the World Trade Center, too. Arthur Schwartz on Food Talk (WOR) keeps raving about it.
      Good luck and let us know what you do!!!

    2. In the "old days" a popular thing to do among friends was to have a "progressive dinner": One where the group would progress from one house to another, for apps, soup or salad course, the entree and dessert. I was thinking what a fun way to eat at restaurants in NYC. One could plan in a specific neighborhood so that
      walking to each restaurant would be possible (and a good way to work off a few calories). I wonder if there would be a way to manage it on a credit card.
      If price is no object, that could prove to be a terrific evening (if restaurants wouldn't get testy about serving one course). pat

      1. Sky's the limit huh?
        Nobu is definitely a good pick then - order the $100+ per person omakase (chef's choice)and drink some wonderful exotic sake's (they import much of their own in from Japan). Or if Japanese is on your mind, maybe one of those kaiseki (sp?) restaurants (sorry I can't remember any names, but one or two are suposed to exquisite).
        Otherwise, you can't go wrong with Gramercy Tavern (they do have one of the best bar areas in the city, but thats another story) - they also have a great wine lists too!
        Speaking of wine, if you are into that, how about going to Veritas and ordering an incredible bottle with your dinner?
        Whatever you do, please, supress your Le Cirque craving. The food is mediocre at best, and the last time I was there (forced to go on business), my dessert was still half frozen! (no it wasn't ice cream or anything).
        Great dilemma, enjoy!

        1. If cost is no consideration, my favorite for ambience and food would be Daniel, I celebrated my anniversary there and it was a wonderful experience. Jean Georges is another wonderful experience, last but in no way least, Lespinasse is a favorite for food and service in the lovely St. Regis Hotel.
          Each of these restaurants is very special in every way, if the boss is paying it is even more palatable.

          1. The Four Seasons, no question.