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Nov 2, 1999 10:26 AM

Bachelorette Dinner

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Can anyone suggest some cool places in Manhattan for a bachelorette dinner and fun evening (night before wedding)? Coming in from Long Island. Thought about Lucky Chang's but heard the food was not very good and not worth the expense. Any ideas?

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  1. it might help to know what your idea of a cool evening is. for example, smoky night clubs, shades and doleful jazz ballads used to do it for me, but not anymore. and how much are you willing to spend?

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      Thanks for the reply. We're looking for something unique, maybe even mildly provocative, with good food, perhaps music (not a dance club). Just something that will evoke laughter and a good time for the bride and her friends. Re expense? Under $75 per person -- not too much drinking, just a bit to make everyone happy.

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        why not seperate the activities. you can first: catch a performance artiste, second: go somewhere else for superb food (thats what this site is all about) and third: wind up in some chi-chi spot to finish the night off.

        on the other hand, chengs might just be what your looking for.

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          Jessica Shatan

          I recently had a nice evening at Bubble, the champagne lounge on lower W, Bway across from El Teddy's. I had heard bad things about this place (over-priced, pretentious, poseurs) so I was pleasently surprised. It was large and open inside though dark and velvety, the service was very good, we had fun trying the different champagne cocktails and made a dinner out of a cheese platter, pate platter and olives. (All very good, the cheese an excellent value except the bread was kind of run-of-the mill baguette which was a tad dry/stale).The recorded music was good and not too loud until this diva started singing standards and that was a bit louder but also good. One caveat: it was a Tuesday around 7 so it was not crowded. But they have a downstairs, too which I didn't check out. You could always wander over to El Teddy's (yummy mexican from the interior of Mexico, with a lively, upscale ambience) for dinner if you didn't fill up at Bubble.

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      Rachel Perlow

      I must say this: you are not seriously considering doing this the actual night before the wedding?! I told Jason's best man they could do anything they want (short of sex with a hooker) as long as it was a week or two before the wedding. I can tell from your post you're not planning to go to the female equivalent of Scores, but you don't want to have a late night of even light drinking the night before the wedding. This is when she should be at home, talking with Mom, packing for the wedding night, etc., and going to sleep early. Keep in mind this will be the most photographed day of the bride's life!

      1. hey, I'm in the same situation. I'm trying to figure out a good place for a bachelorette party and also thought of lucky Changs but had the same concerns. I also know of La Nouvelle Justine which is an S/M restaurant. The only thing about that is that it is very expensive. For a nice dinner with drinks you're looking at at least $50 per person. So let me know if you've found any other places.