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Nov 2, 1999 06:18 AM


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Has anyone been here recently? If so, how was it? Do you recommend it? What's the food like? Standard nouveau cuisine, or something different?

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  1. I ate at their downstairs Bread Bar recently (no reservations accepted). It was wonderful. Much less pricey than upstairs. Do not go expecting typical Indian fare. This is definitely nouvelle/Meyer-ized/Indian cuisine (sort of like Vong's take on Thai). Had this awesome spicy mushroom/chile concoction, which was great with their huge selection of breads.
    Service also terrific. We had a 40 minute wait, so we went next door to Meyer's other restaurant- 11 Mad Park- for a drink (great by-the-glass wine list) and the Maitre'd from Tabla actually came over and got us because our table was ready early!

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      One of our favorite places. We've had great food both up and downstairs - the two rooms have their own ambiance, so it's a matter of what you're up for. Unique interesting takes on the food. Highly recommended!

    2. tabla is anything but standard. we've been several times. and it's been consistent.

      very interesting menu, an extensive wine list with an unheard of amount of inexpensive offerings.

      service is top notch...not snooty, very professional and knowledgable.

      i'd recommend a tasting menu for a first time flyer. it's bound to peak your interest and get you back there one month to the day.

      good luck!