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Nov 1, 1999 09:16 PM

Anybody try SNACK? (Greek on Thompson)

  • j

So, I'm walking home one day and, as if overnight, there is an adorable hole-in-the-wall place called Snack on Thompson betw. Prince and Spring. It's all Greek specialtiesappetizers (mezze) and also has greek groceries. The prices are very good, 3 to 5 dollars for many of the dishes.
As is the curse of NY it is always empty, while other places just feet away are hustling and bustling.
Has anybody tried it??? Is it any good???
Let me and all of us know.
I may just have to get a $5 spinach pie to take home for dinner next time I pass this possibly-too-cute place.

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  1. yeah, i just noticed this place yesterday. so, i read your post today just when i was trying to figure out what to get for lunch...i didn't do intensive research--just had the gigantes (giant lima beans), a hot special, i think, as i didn't see it on the regular menu. they were tasty, though they could have been a teensy bit tenderer. i also got a serving of greek salad, which would have been just average, except that the quality of the olive oil drizzled over it was absolutely spectacular. i wanted to take a bath in it, it was so good. a total of $7 for a filling lunch, which isn't bad for soho (but annoying compared to astoria, where i live). i'll definitely go back next week and try the cheese pies (up to $6, i noticed) and dolmas.