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Nov 1, 1999 05:50 PM

Chicken on 55th and 6th - Halal Yum

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There's the best cart on the corner of 55th and 6th. They have that great smelling chicken, which I guess has been marinated (too many years as a vegetarian has left me a little befuddled by meat preparation) which smells SOOO GOOD and they grill it up, put it on a pita and put the hot-sauce/white-sauce on's sheer delight. After three weeks of extensive research, I have learned that the later you go, the better the chicken is - they're there until 4 a.m. - and the guys with the turbans make the sandwiches better. My friends from L.A. and I wanted nothing else all weekend (although we did take a break yesterday afternoon and have a burger at McHale's and I'm still pretty full from that).

Anyone have other good carts to eat at?

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  1. Careful w/those chicken carts. They're yummy but the chicken sits out at ambient temps all day & night. I'm not saying don't go there -- I've had my share too. Just be aware it's one of those calculated risks.

    Another cart favorite: Moshe's Felafel on 46th & 6th. They're enormous (you can get a half) and you get a cornichon (extra-sour teeny pickle) on top.

    But I'm a sucker for those ubiquitous sugar-roasted nuts, too.

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      You know, I always find that I don't like the taste of those nuts NEARLY as much as I enjoy the smell. And I am a nut person (although I am not nuts). I think those nuts are one of the best smells I have ever, ever smelled (and I think the grammar in that sentence was a little wacky - sorry).

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        I've got a pretty strong stomach, so I must admit I'm pretty fearless. And, if it's clean enough for the guys in turbans and the cab drivers, it's safe enough for me.

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          the chicken cart by my office (23rd and B'way) also serves up "kefta kabob", basically a well-spiced hamburger patty or two which is chopped up on the grill and loaded in a pita just like the chicken. Pretty tasty-but look out for "white sauce" that is mayo and sweet BBQ sauce they tend to douse everything with-unless you want it.

          The souvlaki vendor right outside St. Vincents, 7th Ave at 12th makes a good souvlaki with really good, thick homemade white sauce/tzatziki.