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Nov 1, 1999 10:01 AM

Need name and address!

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Took my friend, who's the food reviewer in Nashville, to what I thought was "Caribbean Bistro" on Varick (the old Brother's BBQ location). She needs the address, and the real name, which I can't find anywhere! (BTW, the oxtailst there are off the hook!) Anyone know the name and address? (I guess I could go there for dinner tonight....)

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  1. Sounds like Caribe. Don't know the exact address, but it's in the West Village. Haven't been there -- every time I go past, it's completely empty, which is kind of a turnoff.

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      Jessica Shatan

      You're in luck! I work right near there and have a menu right here: Martin's Caribbean Bistro, 228 W. Houston St. (at Varick) 212-645-9200. It even says the chef's name is Calvin Buchanan. That is what is in the space of the formers Brothers BBQ, it says that on this flyer as well..
      Caribe is a different place.
      Glad to hear that Martin's Caribbean Bistro is good--tell me more!!!
      (And have you noticed how Brothers BBQ went downhill when it moved to Varick???)

      1. re: Jessica Shatan

        First went here back in Sept. when a friend read a review in NY mag---we didn't think we could get in, on a Sat. night walked in with "no problem." Main dishes, big plates are HUGE with a meat, and a couple of sides--callalloo, some bready thing, (I've tried the goat, the oxtails--twice and the jerk pork) and are better than the appetizers. The second time we went, again on a Sat., we had reservations at Moomba, went in, had a drink, hated it and walked down to Martins. It was empty---we were the only ones there at 10 o'clock on a Sat. night. The food was not as good as the first time, overall, but the oxtails were still yum. The cook, Calvin, is a doll---please everyone if you like spicy Jamaican, go and support this great place.