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Oct 31, 1999 05:43 PM


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Has anyone eaten here? The capsule review in New York Magazine recently was incredibly positive. I'd like to hear thoughts.

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  1. have not been there yet but i know that joe bastianich (son of lidia of felidia and a co-owner of babbo) is one of the co-owners. which mean's major buzz.
    they're nice people but, quite frankly, the bastianich's get more ink than most washington sex scandals (and not always deservedly so).

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    1. re: fred t.
      stephen kaye

      I believe its another joint venture bastianich & batalli

    2. Lupa rocks. Hard. A fresser's idea of a Roman trattoria--bucatini amatriciana with housemade guanciale, marinated sardines, the kind of oxtail you get in the ancient meat district of Rome, plus a wine list that will stir you if you have half a soul to stir. Salumeria after 11:30. Not expensive. And a wait for seats rivaling the famous one at Tomoe next door.

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      1. re: j gold
        Jessica Shatan

        In the spirit of learning, what do these words mean? I live on Thompson and have been curious about Lupa for a while. Now I am even more intrigued.

        1. re: Jessica Shatan

          Bucatini = basically spaghetti with a hollow center.

          Fresser = someone who does a whole lot of eating.

          Salumeria = Italian cold cuts/pork products, ie: prosciutto, speck, sopressata.

          Hope that helps you! I don't know what the other term means, alas. Anyone else?

          1. re: Jessica

            Guanciale is cured pig's jowl...kind of like bacon....

            1. re: Jim

              Thank you all!
              I assume all the words are italian except fresser???

              1. re: Jessica S.

                Right. Fresser is Yiddish.

                1. re: Greg Shatan
                  Jessica Shatan

                  Hello big brother,
                  Thanks for the etymological info.
                  (So, have you successfully shirked all responsibilities by getting sucked into these wonderful boards?!)

                  1. re: Greg Shatan


                    I've been feeling pretty fressed out these days, actually...


          2. re: j gold

            I with j gold on is one - Lupa rocks. I went there over the weekend, and had an amazing meal. The oxtail was great - it was stewed with raisins, onions, tomatoes, etc. There was tons of sauce, and it would have been nice to have some soft polenta or something to soak it up. But it was extraordinarily delicious. So were the pastas. But the thing that killed us most was the dessert of lemon curd gelato with plums in saba (which I wasn't familiar with, but they said it's the first step in making balsamic vinegar.) I can't stop thinking about it...

            My advice is to get there early to avoid the wait.