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Oct 27, 1999 11:06 AM

the demise of Cuban/Chinese Restaurants

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When my kids were small--20+ years ago--we used
to go to Cuban/Chinese restaurants for wonderful,
cheap food, plus the occasional floor show!

It occurred to us the other day that we haven't
seen a Cuban/Chinese joint for quite a while.
Have they disappeared? ...become noodle shops?
moved to Miami? ...moved to West New York?
Does anyone know of a good Cuban/Chinese restaurant
on the west side? I'm all but certain that there
are none in Hell's Kitchen, but I'd love to be
Peace, David Tillyer

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  1. What about La Caridad, at the corner of Broadway and 78th? I've only eaten there once but, judging by the line outside, it's a pretty popular spot. The food's good, the service questionable, and the price is most definitely right. I know there are more, further uptown, but you'll need a Westsider to fill you in on those.

    1. Try Sam Chinita on 8th Avenue @ 19th in Chelsea. There's another Cuban Chinese place down the street, don't know the name.

      1. There are two Flor de Mayos (one on 83rd and Amst., one on Bway and 100th). There is Tacita de Oro on Bwway and 99th. There are two Cafe con Leches (one on Amst and 95th, one on Amst and 82nd or so).

        1. I recently tried 2 Latino/Chinese on the UW Side.
          La Caridad - terrible. Arroz con pollo had zero flavor. This should be their staple dish. Like having bad biscuits at a southern diner-unthinkable! Maybe this joint was once good, but since their expansion it has slid far.
          Flor de Mayo(83rd St.)- nice, friendly staff, clean (almost too clean for this kind of place - I'd almost take Mom here)and the food was quite good!