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Oct 26, 1999 05:02 PM

Diners in Manhattan / Cheyenne 33rd and 9th

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I recently started a new consulting gig near the post office on 33rd on the west side and have been looking for good places to grab a quick lunch. Lately I've been getting deliveries from the Cheyenne Diner on the corner of 33rd and 9th (212 465 9750, free delivery) and I have been very pleasantly surprised from what the outside looks like a greasy spoon pre-fab diner hash-slinging kinda place. Inside there are a lot of celebrity pictures adorning the walls, I guess the place has a draw.

So far, I have had several of their soups (Matzoh ball, really, really good chicken stock with perfectly formed balls with just the right consistency-- Cream of Broccoli, also good but needs salt, Chicken Noodle which was excellent with nice peices of white meat chicken in it, Split Pea like my grandma's) their turkey club sandwich which was made from fresh turkey (in my opinion, if a diner makes this sandwich with any other kind of turkey, RUN, do not walk away!) and crispy bacon with nice lettuce, tomato and perfectly done fries. I also had their chopped steak with gravy and sauteed onions, which was a nice size portion done perfectly medium a little on the rare side. Prices also quite reasonable.

Any other notable diners in the city, or good delivery restaurants in my part of midtown?

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  1. Yep, the Cheyenne isn't bad - a notch or so above the Skyline, around the around on SW 34th & 9th.

    Take a poke around Soul Fixin's NE 34th & 9th. The chicken can be both greasy and dry - the meatloaf is inedible - but they do cook up some passable fried fish. Collards are a bit sweet for my taste, but most of my coworker's scarf 'em up.

    No delivery (that I know of) but Kashmir has some good Pakistani/Indian steamtable going - and they are the nicest guys in the world. Best bests are the lamb dishes, the potato dishes, the dals, and the not half bad samosas. They frequently have some variety meats for the brave, and will usually let you sample some with your regular order. 9th Ave bet 36th & 37th.

    The Chinese joint on the east side of the street between 35th & 36th does deliver - but don't do it. Walk on over, and start pointing at what all the Asian delivery guys are slurping down - you'll be much, much happier than with the cornstarch glop on the regular menu.

    Welcome to the neighborhood.

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      It's a little walk but do try Veronica at 38th between 8th and 7th. The food is surprising--from the outside it looks like a cafeteria. But there is fresh, homemade from scratch food. Breakfast is amazing--fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice, eggs with good fresh veggies (and they'll make anything to order, including eggwhites with veggies) and home made bread.