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Oct 24, 1999 07:35 PM

manganaro vs. heroboy

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to the govenor: boy nobody is going into heroboy. what is going on? is heroboy going out of business? i have been in manganaros for lunch the food is purrrrrrrrrfect. the panettone is in and it feels like the holidays.

the cat

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  1. Hey Cat!

    Actually Hero-Boy just laid in what appears to be some serious bucks to do a make over.

    Pity the food's the same dreck...

    I'll have to check out that pannetone over at Manganaro's - thanks for the heads up!

    While we're in the area though - if you haven't stopped in at Chez Bagna Koty - it's time. I had a plate of grilled lamb marinated in a blend so yummy the lamb would have bathed in it anyway given the opportunity.

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    1. re: Governor

      sorry to disappoint you guys, but manganaros and hero boy are one and the same. you're right about one thing though: the food is pretty lame. definitely took a step back.

      1. re: matt

        That's what I thought!
        Being a native NYer, I recall Manganaro/Heroboy from my youth. I think I still have a knife with the Heroboy logo on it--they give you a serrated knife if you order the multi-foot hero as we did for many a birthday party growing up.

        1. re: Jessica

          Strange coincidence: leaving my office and walking east on Spring St. who should cross my path but a man carrying a six-foot long white box with big black lettering/logo: Manganero's Heroboy... life can be mysterious!

          1. re: Jessica

            OK folks - here's the skinny.

            Manganaro HERO BOY is one entity - purveyors of six-foot cardboard boxed, cardboard tasting monstrosities to the greater NY area.

            Manganaro's - located right next door is not affiliated with Manganaro HERO BOY - and the food is light years away.

            Why the same Manganaro name? I dunno - family fight, evil marketing scheme, but nevertheless, two separate and distinct entities.

            1. re: Governor

              My rumor mill says family fight. Is there a sign or something in Manganaro's announcing their lack of affiliation w/Hero Boy?

              1. re: Governor

                Yes, it was a family fight. Between sisters, if my memory serves. You would know how unrelated they are if you asked at one about the other - the two families don't speak to each other. I can't remember what happened, but I had a beau back in the day who ate lunch at Manganaro's every day, he introduced me to the people there and told me the dirt. They used to slander Hero Boy like crazy. Of course, as went the beau, so went lunch at Manganaro's, so I haven't been there in about 5 years. But they were once related, and are still, by blood, but that's the end of it.

                1. re: Tara

                  "They used to slander Hero Boy like crazy"

                  .and now one of them is grinding his/her axe by slandering them here on this board. Hopefully, none of you are witnessing the vitriol, as we're deleting them as fast as they come in.

                  1. re: trisha
                    david williams

                    I am neither friend or relative of the Manganeros.
                    I am a very happy customer of the old Manganero's Groceria - a truly wonderful place. Good enough food, but not extraordinary. What is wonderful is the place itself, a marvelous old Italian grocery. Also excellent espresso and pastries. If you want to see a bit of authentic old NYC, go to the original Manganero's.
                    Can't report on The Manganero's Hero Boy next door, it is a flashy, new spot that looks like hundreds of other restaurants in town - it may have good food, but it isn't interesting enough to get me inside.

                    1. re: david williams

                      There was a cute entry about Manganaro's in Metropolitan Diary yesterday - see link below.

                      There was also an article in The Times recently about the feud between the two stores. It may have been the same article that talked about the rift in the Balducci family and the different Zabars businesses.