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Oct 22, 1999 10:42 AM

Artie's on B'way

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OK folks. According to the Times, a new, "old fashioned" deli opening today on B'way and 83rd. Heaven knows we could use a good one.....let's hear what you think of it. I need to know if it's worth a trip into the city because there certainly aren't any good deli's up here in Westchester.

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  1. Oooops...sorry. It now turns out it's not opening until tuesday.

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      Who cares about tourista central?! Come on down for a sure thing:

      Great Pastrami & turkey @ Ben's Best Deli on Queens Blvd. off 63rd Dr. in Rego Park Queens; great brisket at the Famous Brisket House on Court Street in downtown Bklyn., fabulous knishes at Mrs. Stahl's on Coney Island Ave. & Brighton in Brighton Beach, Bklyn.

      OK,they are "Outer Borough" options but they are some of (if not the absolute) best this city has to offer and worth a drive from the hinterlands. Besides, don't you have any family left in Bklyn. or Queens you need to visit?! Doesn't everyone?!

    2. Just visited Artie's.

      It's pretty good. All I had was a pastrami on rye, with some pickles and cole slaw. The pastrami was very flavorful. Not as fatty/juicy as the Carnegie, and therefore not quite as tasty, but very good.

      The pickle bowl included both half and full sour pickles (the latter is my favorite, and getting rarer) and pickled tomatoes. The cole slaw was shredded cabbage (not minced into an almost paste like some place) and nicely and lightly dressed

      I look forward to going back when I am hungrier.