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Oct 21, 1999 11:40 AM

Indian lunch buffet in Midtown

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I've been to Jewel of India and been satisfied for the most part. Anybody have opinions on Shaan or any other place worth trying in midtown for Indian for lunch buffet?

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  1. bayleaf usually has the most authentic lunch buffet

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    1. re: howler

      I'll throw in my 2 cents -- I prefer brunch at Chola though Bay Leaf's not bad either (both are Transmedia)

    2. My two favorites are Shaan and Bay Leaf. To me, Shaan offers consistently the highest-quality preparation of the standard repertoire; Bay Leaf's buffet is frequently more unusual, but seems to vary somewhat in quality.

      1. check out Dakshin, right near the wonderful Rinconcito Peruano at ninth and 50th. Inconsistent, there are some bumps, but I've had some real good lunches there.