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Oct 19, 1999 11:42 PM

Raw bar and beer

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Besides the Oyster Bar, can someone recommend a good place for oysters and clams on the half-shell with good beer options for washing them down? Relative proximity to Penn Station is a plus but not essential.

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  1. Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia. Not so close to Penn Station, but worth the walk/train/cab ride. Two blocks from W 4th subway station. It's teensy, though, and you'll probably have to sit at the bar.

    1. Not near Penn Station, but seriously terrific oysters are at Aquagrill on Spring St. at the corner of 6th Avenue. Great selection and a staff that knows what to recommend. I always go for the extra-creamy Evening Cove.
      Decent selection in the outer borough - not anywhere near Penn St. but what the heck - Lundy's in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

      1. The two other responses are excellent choices but you can also do ok at the Blue Water Grill in Union Square. Usually 3-4 different types of oysters to choose from. Don't know about the beer, but it's a pretty busy bar scene so it ought to be fine.