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Oct 19, 1999 11:30 AM

New York Marathon Feeds

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For six friends aged 23-31 I am putting together a program for the NY Marathon, including dining!
We are from Holland and would like to get a full taste of the City. What are places not to miss?
Thank you, Huibert

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  1. Hi, Huibert, and welcome to

    There are tens of thousands of messages on these boards answering exactly that question! Take a look through, and if you have any questions...or specific requests...please don't hesitate to let us know.

    Also, if you have any tips on where to eat in Holland, we have an international message board and we'd all love to see what you've got to recommend!


    1. Huibert,Make sure you eat at Katz' Deli (Ludlowe and Houston)...its a classic NY deli that has great food and great atmosphere (especially for out of towners). For steaks you should try to make a reservation at Peter Lugar's in Brooklyn. Another favorite NY spot for visitors to the Big Apple is the Oyster Bar in basement of Grand Central Station...they have great seafood and an amazing old bar. Good luck in the NYC Marathon. I have run 4 of them and strongly recommend blowing off the free pasta dinner (sponsored by the NYRRC) and eating Italian somewhere else. They line is long and the food is average.