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Oct 18, 1999 11:43 AM


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just had dinner at veritas (20th between park and broadway); the wine list is truly sensational! folks, this is easily the most reasonably marked wine list in the city if you want to get hold of some really stupendous wines. for instance, we had a salon '82 and a cheval blanc '86; i cant even FIND the cheval blanc anywhere in the states - and the european merchant i knew that had it was selling it for more than what you can get it at veritas.

the food is whats disappointing. you'd think the owners would jump at the chance to offer a variety of food that would allow the diner to match the wines with, but alas! the dinner menu seems to have been chosen to be the standard middle of the road 'french restaurant' food: its adequate, but what an opportunity the restaurant is missing! for example, little by way of gamey fare. also, they very properly offer a cheese plate after the main course, but with a little care they could offer you cheese/s to complement the wine you have left to drink and not the random mish mash you get instead.

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  1. it's true they don't have much on the menu in terms of red meat, but much of what is on the menu can be quite good. their chicken is outstanding considering it's chicken. when i first went, the skate was also very good, though when i tried it a few times later, it was overcooked. they also have excellent desserts but you're right, it's a shame they don't match the cheeses to your wine as they do at picholine and other places. maybe you should let them know: they have a website at the site also has the entire wine list online. i'm sure they'd appreciate the comments. i'd hate to see them go the way of cena, another good restaurant on the same block which went out of business after about a year due to lack of fanfare.

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      Veritas ain't going nowhere--it's one of the very toughest reservations in town, even with that $62 prix fixe.But I'm not sure what you mean by the lack of red meat: almost every main course is meaty--godhead braised veal, just godhead--and even the fish tends to be sauced with red-wine-friendly things like bacon or truffles. It's all about the wine there: even the cheese, which is all the kind of stuff you'd want to have around to see off the last of the burgundy.

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        it's good to hear that they're doing well. i've only been for lunch several times and it seemed quiet.

        i haven't been for about two months but the only red meat they had was a not too remarkable hanger steak, although the chicken was sauced to go with a nice red. the rest was mostly fish (not that there's anything wrong with that). i think the problem is that the menu is rather short - a few more options would be nice. as for the cheese, i'm sure they choose cheese that will go well with wine in general, but the guy has a point, it's just nicer when they choose specific cheese for the specific wine you happen to be drinking with dinner, as it does make a difference. max at picholine does that and it's a great treat. but hey, i'm a huge fan of the place so it's not like i was complaining, just trying to be constructive.