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Oct 17, 1999 08:26 PM

Brother Jimmy's Barbeque has the best ribs in NYC

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If you like ribs, you must run to Brother Jimmy's. These are some of the finest ribs in the North.

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    Rachel Perlow

    An address and/or phone would be nice.

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    1. re: Rachel Perlow
      Jared Epstein

      Sorry. They have 3 locations:1644 Third Ave (92nd St)1461 First Ave (76th St)428 Amsterdam Ave (bet 80th and 81st)The same menu (and same "comfort" food} at all ribs in the North!

      1. re: Jared Epstein

        Jared Epstein has never posted to these boards before and--though I can't prove it--I get the distinct feeling his praise of these places is neither objective nor impartial.

        I've not been to Brother Jimmy's, but the place has a pretty lousy reputation. If anyone has an opinion either way, please pipe up. And if I'm wrong, Jared...please accept my sincere apologies.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          The dry rub ribs at Brother Jimmy's on the Upper West Side are spectacularly tasty. Meaty and unusually well-seasoned. As was the mashed potato side with cole slaw. But I can't vouch for the other dishes--yet!

          1. re: Jim Leff

            yeah, i've been to the "brother jimmy's" on the corner of 76th and 1st about two times in the last five months (i have a new apartment close by) and they are the best ribs in the north........north outer mongolia!
            plain and simple-the food is not good here, neither is the service, nor the atmosphere (frat house ambience with a beer induced nasty edge).
            the establishment seems to serve a purpose: for singles to get drunk and meet. and that's cool...just don't sell me on the ain't happening!
            take care.

            1. re: fred t.

              Jim and Fred: What's with all the bad-mouthing of Brother Jimmy's? I've eaten there many times, and while the party atmosphere can be intimidating to some, the food is really good and the service is great. Go there on a Sunday afternoon and the place is packed with families -- so there goes your theory about frat parties. Would you rather have ribs with the tourists at Virgils?

              By the way, the fact that I've never posted a message here should mean nothing. Isn't it the point to get new people involved? Come on guys, stick to the food!

              1. re: matt

                Well there does seem to be some serious support for this place out there. I'll have to check it out!

                Regarding my suspiciousness....understand this: there are some wiseguys in the restaurant biz who consider these boards to be a vehicle for free guerilla marketing. They post raves about their own places pretending to be objective customers. It's my job to pick 'em out. Usually I do (I have my ways!) and nuke 'em before most of you ever see them (and am forever more suspicious of ANY further postings about that restaurant...there are four or five places that will never more be mentioned on this site, even by "real" posters, because they tried to con us).

                When there's a message that reads suspicious to me ('cause of writing style, not simply because it's an opinion I disagree with!) but I can't prove anything, I put up a warning. It totally bums me out that I may be questioning the integrity of a "real" poster, but I figure they'll will forgive me, understanding that identifying shills and cons is a matter of great importance if we're gonna keep the quality of opinions here high and trustworthy!

                New posters are MORE than welcome, of COURSE! Not trying to discourage 'em!


                1. re: Jim Leff

                  sorry I got a little huffy; completely understand where you guys are coming from. i just dig their food.

                  1. re: matt

                    hey, no sweat matt.

                    in fact i'm gonna try the place one more time this sunday. maybe i went on "off" nights ("bad-fare" day),
                    or it was a bad bio-rhythm day for me, i dunno. but for fairness sake, i'll try it again. take care.

                    1. re: matt

                      No sweat, Matt! I'm gonna go check it out fer sure. Don't worry, Lynn..I GOT it! DRY RUB!!


                    2. re: Jim Leff

                      Wow, I really didn't intend to set off such controversy, but I do think the ribs at Brother Jimmy's are the best in NYC. I completely agree that the environment can be loud and "fraternity-esque," but I don't go there to do beer funnels. Do I think that Brother Jimmy's is the best restaurant in, but they make some damn good ribs. I have been to Virgils, Brothers BBQ, Wiley's, and Tennessee Mountain and I think Brother Jimmy's win. I love ribs and if there is a better spot for them in the Big Apple...let's have it.. I heard a lot of slams against my choice, but I haven't heard other recommendations.

                      1. re: Jared

                        If you look through the Manhattan, Outer Boroughs and Tristate message boards for "ribs" or "barbecue" you will find copious other recommendations.

                    3. re: matt

                      hey matt, i don't want to start anything but i can't let this one go.
                      i am sticking to the food...and i just did not like it. i had pork ribs that were reminiscent of something you'd eat at a bennigan's (not good). also, on the two occasions i was there the service was farcical, i actually had to get up and go to the bar to order a round of drinks, i can understand if the place was busy, but it wasn't, the wait-staff was too busy chatting it up with the bar crowd.
                      also, i wouldn't call the bar scene intimidating, simply because it's not intimidating, just rude and obnoxious.
                      as for tourists, i don't care if i'm surrounded by lepers from mars, as long as i'm served a decent meal by caring professionals in a pleasant surrounding.
                      all elements of a satisfying meal that i did not receive at brother jimmy's.
                      you see matt, this is a public forum and i'm just calling it the way i see (and experience) it. sorry if you don't agree.

                      1. re: fred t.

                        Please don't EVER apologize for contradicting an opinion. I'm actually chagrined that people are so hesitant to present opposing viewpoints. That's what chowhounding is about!

                        If you let what you consider a bad opinion to stand unopposed, that sure doesn't help the rest of us! Don't be "polite"...mix it up, people!

                        But be kind...we all love food, we all have differing tastes, and (man, don't I know it!) restaurants can be sooooo variable, so there's never call for personal attack. But non-nasty argument is MORE than welcome here!


                        1. re: Jim Leff

                          hey jim, mama told me to play nice. but if you ever catch me holding back on an opinion, let me know, it might be a symptom of some severe cerebral cortex condition. (speaking of which, do you know any good place for calf brains?).
                          "mixing it up" (and sometimes "stirring the pot") is what i'm all about...i just like doing it with respect.
                          take care.

                    4. re: fred t.

                      Food Lovers,
                      I stumbled on to this web site and was excited to notice one of my families favorite rstaurants, Brother Jimmies, my wife and I and our three children have enjoyed Brother Jimmies numerous times, and the kids eat free!! We have successfully held many birthday parties and one of our babies christening parties their and many of our friends have followed. The Brother Jimmies on 92 and 3rd is outstanding for kid parties!Kids Love this place!! If you have a chance please stop by!

                      1. re: Dave

                        I smell spam. And I'm starting to get pissed.

                        1. re: Jim Leff

                          something stinks in denmark.

                          p.s. i admire the crafty coordination.

                    5. re: Jim Leff

                      I'm kind of late tuning in here but we live across 92nd Street from Brother Jimmy's and I do enjoy their ribs and buffalo wings, my husband likes their burgers and we both love their fries. They are very noisy around any big sports event, however - in the back area as well as in the front area They do seem to attract lots of families with kids on weekends at least, and maybe early evenings any day (which are the times and days we have eaten there. In our experience, the service has been inconsistent - depending on how busy they are.

                2. Which one did you go to? There are three Brother Jimmy's: one on 3rd Avenue & 92nd St., one on 1st Avenue & 76th Street, and one on Amsterdam, between 80th & 81st Streets. Are they all equally good?

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                  1. re: Dena
                    Jared Epstein

                    I have been to all 3 of them many times and I am happy to report that the food is identical at each spot...EXCELLENT. They have different types of ribs (wet, dry, pork, beef, etc.) and they are all outstanding. You can also do samplings of the different types of ribs. I am partial to the dry pork ribs.