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Oct 14, 1999 10:09 PM

Changes on Amsterdam in the 70s -- Burmese out, Mex in

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Mingala West on Amsterdam near 75th is closed. It did not received much press on these boards, but I liked it a lot. Some wonderful funky stuff, esp. the salads (ginger, green tea leaf), rice balls, and noodle dishes. Great fried whole fish as well, which I though put most versions in Thai restaurants to shame. I will really miss this place. Has anyone been to any other Mingala’s around town??

One block down, a new mexican restaurant is coming in , and it looks something like a Gabriela’s clone, or maybe I am just getting my hopes up. There are the mexican paper cutouts on the ceiling, and the counter space looked well suited for antojitos, toritllas, and roasting chickens. Keep your eyes open!

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  1. Alan,

    This is my strangest chowhound board moment. I thought I posted a note about the closing of Mitali West last night, but I must have forgotten to click the second time. (Come to think of it, I think I forgot to do so just now, too, for another note). Then I see a note about Mitali, thought you were replying to mine, and then see that we posted essentially the same note.

    I agree 100%. I mentioned the salads and noodle dishes (I was particularly addicted to the ginger salad, Rangoon Night Market Noodles, green tea leaf noodles, and 1000 layer pancakes, in particular.
    I'm guilty of not visiting Mitali enough, I guess (maybe 4 times a year), so I have no reason to wail about my misfortune, but I'll surely miss it.

    When I passed by, I didn't notice the Mexican decorations, so I guess they are moving fast.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      there is a mingala in the east 70st on 1st and one down on east 11th or east 10th - the original, i think.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        It's not a clone of Gabriela's. From what I hear, they're opening a second location there.

        1. re: Kate
          Jake Klisivitch

          Yeah, it's gonna be called Gabriela's Kitchen (I think) and will be run by the same people. I hope hope hope the food at the original doesn't suffer!