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Oct 14, 1999 10:08 PM

North Korean food hits these shores -- see the Voice

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I know this will be posted in the review summaries soon, but given the high interest on the boards, I couldn’t wait. Robert Sietsema has a review of the city’s first North Korean restaurant – including nyangmun wih raw skate, that Michael and Wonki were writing about. Lots of noodles, innards, and dumplings. Can’t wait to try it.

There seems to be problems with the Voice’s web site, so try to pick up the paper this week before it is too late.

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  1. Alan,

    thanks for the tip. i'm not a regular reader of the voice so i otherwise probably wouldn't have known. i've never had north korean food before so it will be interesting, though it makes me sad to think that i'll be eating it while millions of north koreans are going without food over there. :-(

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      The name of this place is Okryukwan, at 42 West 35th St (563-1285) . It closes at 10:30, early for a Korean place, maybe a reflection of more spartan Northern practices.

      Please report back, whoever tries it.