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Oct 7, 1999 04:24 PM

Crispy things at (American) chinese restaurants

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What do you call those cripsy things they serve at American Chinese restaurants, looks like deep-fried wonton skins ?

I've never seen them in China or in the places I eat, but my 96 year old grandfather wants some !

While I'm at it, recommendations for mid to upper east side chinese with delivery ?

thank !

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  1. Phoenix Garden on 40th street between 2nd and 3rd is without a doubt the best chinese in mid-town. yes, its better than joe shanghai, shun lee palace.......try the sizzling beef, shredded pork with black bean sauce, salt and pepper shrimp, the numerous casseroles, snow pea leaves etc

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      Is that the same Phoenix Gardens that used to be in the Bowery Arcade in Chinatown (before the building housing it was condemned)? And on Rte 46 in New Jersey, 10 minutes from the Bridge? They were always a favorite spot for salt-and-pepper shrimp and did a very nice job with Squab. If it's them, it's good to know that they're still around and still excellent.

      1. re: Stan Gordon

        yeah, its the same phoenix garden. they really are excellent and whats truly surprising is that they are competitive to the garden-variety chinese restaurant.

        1. re: howler
          Rachel Perlow

          To the person looking for a dim sum place:
          I can't believe I forgot about Phoenix Garden on 46W!

          They were really good too, and we frequently went there instead of Silver Pond. The service is better at Silver Pond, but the food is a smidge better at Phoenix Garden (totally nondescript looking from the outside, in front of a trucker motel). I really like the chicken/ham/baby corn wrapped in bean curd skin and also highly recommend the salt & pepper shrimp.

          1. re: Rachel Perlow

            I know that all you Chowhounds out there will let out a community shriek when the name of Zagat is mentioned but the only Phoenix Garden in there is on E40th St. Is this the same restaurant referred to in the previous posting?

            1. re: Stefany B.

              yes and no. It always pays to read through more of the thread if you have this kind of question. Not doing so is worse than citing z____'s!
              The prior post referred to a place on Route 46W in in New Jersey - track farther back through the thread and you will find that the initial post recommended the 40th Street Phoenix Garden. Now, after you go there, tell us what you think, especially whether the "dragon lady" (who was in the original Chinatown arcade location) is still at the cash register.