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Oct 6, 1999 12:21 PM

Sunday night... BWG vs. JG

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I know there's been a lot of discussion about Blue Water Grill and Jean-Georges. Trend-laggard that I am, I've still never been to either. I have an opportunity to go to either one or the other, but we have to go on a Sunday night. (My companion for this dinner is NOT a vegetarian).

The reservationist at Jean-Georges said that the main dining room was closed and the menu was different on Sundays than during the rest of the week. Anyone have experience with the Sunday menu?

It sounded like business as usual at Blue Water Grill, which could indicate either a risk of the Sunday service syndrome or the Sunday->Monday fish syndrome. Or there could be no difference at all from the rest of the week.

Given previous discussions on the general laxness of even excellent restaurants on Sundays, what do folks recommend?

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  1. I'd suggest that you skip both of those and try Park Ave Cafe - 63rd and Park. Doesn't sound like price is an issue, hence the recommendation.

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    1. re: Barbara S

      I'm not so familiar with Park Avenue Cafe. I checked around and it has some extremely mixed reviews, mostly pertaining to the service.

      I see it is popular for brunch. Is is especially nice/good on Sunday nights? How does it compare to Jean-Georges or Blue Water Grill? I'm considering these places partly because of the good recommendations I've seen here.

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        jonathan sibley

        I haven't been to Jean-Georges on a Sunday, or for dinner, for that matter, but the two times that I've been for lunch, the service has really been excellent. I noticed someone stationed in the dining room paying attention to whether anyone needed service, which is an excellent sign in a restaurant such as this, in my opinion. More importantly, though, the food was excellent both times. Interesting and tasty. Two times isn't a large sample, but it really was quite good.

        1. re: MU

          Park Avenue Cafe has one of the BEST most INVENTIVE brunches in the city.

          go! You won't be disappointed.