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Sep 30, 1999 01:53 PM

Where to have a Christmas party?

  • j

These are the specs:

Office Christmas Party

Where in Manhattan doesn't really matter?

Fun and (really)good food

Seperate part of restaurant or private room

$150/head for hors d'oeuvres(open bar), three course meal (wine/beer), taxes and gratuities

Any suggestions?

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  1. Try BOMBAY PALACE on W. 52nd St across from the 21 Club
    You can get great food & service for that price
    But how many people? They have a private room upstairs. You can email me for other ideas.

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    1. re: Lisa

      Thanks for the tips - I'll post the decision when it made.

      1. re: JMinNYC

        Thanks again for your responses.

        To any of you who still care, we are having the Christmas Party at Park Avenue Cafe.

      2. re: Lisa

        27 Standard has a wonderfull, romantic, cosy private room that may be a bit small for a large-ish gathering.
        But it is worth it to look at it if you have maybe 20-30 people.

      3. I organized successful holiday parties at JUdson Grill, private balcony space overlooking restaurant and Rialto, Elizabeth St., in the back lounge and garden which is tented in Winter. How many people? Age range? Feel free to contacr me for more thoughts.