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Sep 30, 1999 12:46 AM

Upscale Indian -- Pandit, Sapphire, or ???

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Has anyone eaten at Sapphire or Pandit? We're looking for an upscale Indian place for a special dinner, preferably one that isn't too noisy and is roomy (Shaan is perfect in this regard, but a place that all of us have been to many times), and one we haven't been to before (which rules out Dawat, Bay Leaf, Shaan, etc.).


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    Chris B. Shaw

    Dave........I contacted someone who really knows Indian food and they recommend in this order 1. Tabla 2.Bayleaf 3.Pondicherry.I'm not 100% sure of protocol here and don't want to do anything wrong in giving out 3rd party endorsements. In any event Alpha Dog can vouch for and knows my source.

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    1. re: Chris B. Shaw

      If I'm not mistaken, Pondicherry has closed. Your contact must have meant only the recipes from Ismail Merchant. The other fusion stuff there was truly awful.

      1. re: Gary Cheong
        Irene Takamizu

        I've been to Tabla and Bayleaf. Tabla IS special, and I'd like to return. But Bayleaf is more Indian, the food is superb, and the tomato soup has become an obsession.
        BTW, are we the only ones who have found the food at Shaan to have gone down in flavor in the last 6 months?

        1. re: Irene Takamizu

          there is a little blurb on Sapphire @ It is mentioned in the N.Y.C and L.I areas.


      2. re: Chris B. Shaw

        i have to say, Tabla is a wonderful dining experience...not vindaloos, but wonderful indian flavors fused with western (dare i say "french") techniques.

        i can't say enough about this place. don't let Mr. Meyer's name keep you away (as lots of folks seem to do)

        a great room...great service...great presentation...a well thought out wine list (reasonably priced as well).

        can't wait to go back!!

      3. Have you thought about Tabla? It is definitly for a special occasion, but you said that you were looking for looking for upscale Indian. This is about as fancy as an Indian restaurant gets. It may be a little too fancy for some.

        Good luck.

        1. I had dinner at Sapphire the other evening with a good friend from India. We both came out somewhat disappointed by the experience. While the service was extremely good and very professional, the food was mediocre and NOT a good value.

          The food was dull and lacked the "edge" typical of good indian food. Even Baluchi's is more interesting (and much cheaper.)

          If you're willing to go downtown to Tribeca, Salaam Bombai is nice. But similarly pricey.