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Sep 29, 1999 10:44 AM


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Hi there,
Can anyone reccommend a good caterer for a party being thrown for my Dad's 75th birthday on the Upper West Side? It will be on a Saturday night (10/23) at 8 p.m. and we would like "substantial snacks" but not dinner. It can be laid out like a buffet with one server to help keep the buffet stocked, etc.
We have used Dean & DeLuca before and were very satisfied. But we would love something a little cheaper and possibly on the Upper West Side.
We contacted Giacomo, a small store on 72nd and West End,that makes gourmet prepared foods but they were slack on sending us the menu. We've taken out from them in the past for smaller events.
I keep thinking there's some fabulous place that is cheaper because it doesn't have the Dean & DeLuca name...

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    Chris B. Shaw

    I've been to been to several affairs catered by Glorius Foods.They do all size events from small and intimate to big and showy.(Such as the opening party for Talk Magazine on Ellis Island)Telephone # 212-628-6328. Happy Birthday to your Father.

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      I agree 100% with the famous radio personality Crispy

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        Judy Goldberg

        i've used Cleaver Company and Neuman &Bogdonoff. They are both great! Really nice to deal with and great food.

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          Jessica Shatan

          Thanks for the suggestions. I always wondered about Cleaver... and always heard good things about N&B.
          However we are going with a place called Michelle's that my mother stumbled into for take-out dinner one day (she's planning the party). It's Belgian-French at 61st and Lex. Seems good so far. A friendly fellow who works at Bread & Circus emailed me directly from these boards with lots of advice and has helped to guide us through the process.
          Thanks again.