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Sep 28, 1999 10:25 PM

Tapas on Amsterdam at 108th?

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Has anyone been to Dalia's, a new Tapas place at 984 Amsterdam? I walked by the other day and peeked in. It looks very pleasant. they serve about 30 different tapas priced between $4 and $8.

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  1. What a coincidence! Eric Asimov reviews Dalia's in his "$25 and Under" column in today's New York Times, Page F10.

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      Daniel Sonenberg

      I was there and enjoyed it a good deal. It was a while ago though...let's see what I remember. Delicious scallops in a saffron sauce, and an excellent garlicky mushroom dish. Salmon balls that were fresh, but not quite as exciting as the other dishes, and something else...what was it? Can't recall. Good bread - affordable wine list, great atmosphere, Spanish-style service (read as SLOW). We were three people and we ordered five dishes which was plenty.

    2. Went there Friday 6 p.m. Not crowded at all (though filling up as we left at 8ish), nice Spanish guitar music playing. The two of us split a half-carafe of good sangria, the scallops in saffron sauce (I wasn't crazy about this--didn't like the texture of the scallops--but my friend liked it), shrimp in garlic, and tortilla espanola (with potatoes and onions).

      They must have gotten the message about the service because we had no problem, very nice and solicitous.

      I'd go back (but then again, I live around the corner).