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Sep 28, 1999 12:03 PM


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Looking for a quality butcher in Manhattan...

OR if on the Queens/Brooklyn border of Manhattan would
be fine. I'm putting together a PORTERHOUSE steak
party and want the best.

Thanks as always!


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  1. I think Leonard's and Lobel's, both on the Upper East Side, have excellent meat. I'm sure they'd both have excellent porterhouse steaks but be prepared to spend a lot, for quality meat as well as the Upper East Side premium. A friend of mine also buys awesome rack of lamb from a butcher on Lexington in the 60s so I'm sure their porterhouse would be quality as well. If I can get the name of it in a timely manner from him, I'll post a follow-up. Kudos to you for having a porterhouse party! I'm too lazy and too intimidated to actually try to cook a good steak so I'd rather get a reservation at Peter Luger! Good luck.

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      I also live on the upper east side. Sometimes I go to\
      Ottomanelli's on 82nd and York, which is quite good.\
      But there is a small shop on 88th St and York Ave (the name escapes me) on the Southwest corner that has fabulous beef. Last year, I bought a fabulous whole filet from them and it was sooo good, you didn't need a knife.

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        The aged beef at Balducci's, while expensive, is outstanding and the service is excellent. But, what a good choice to have--Balducci's, Loebel's, Florence Market or Citarella's! These steaks should be grilled over hot charcoal (not briquettes!) to do them justice.

    2. Florence Meat Market in the Village is pretty fabulous. They are located on 5 Jones street.

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        Chris B. Shaw

        Loebel's is an incredible butcher. Third generation. Very nice location with no prices posted. It is like what Cornelius Vanderbilt said about sail boats."If you have to ask how much it costs then you can't afford it". Your Porterhouses would be fantastic! If it is really special go for it. Just remember to grill and then let your meat rest, everything will turn out just fine. French Chefs claim you let the meat rest as long it has cooked.

        1. I go to Citarella on the east side. The butcher dept is great. They have super Bell & Evans chicken breast-super fresh, and their steaks are good too. Go early for the best selection. Ask for John-he is great!

          Their seafood is also great as well. The only dependably fresh place I have found and I have tried many. Prices pretty fair as well for the quality.