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Sep 27, 1999 04:11 PM


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Hey everyone...

Having Zeppoles or Fried Dough down at San Gennaro got me craving a place in Manhattan where I can get these tasty treats.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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  1. Rick--that's BROOKLYN food you're tawkin' about dere...Manhattan is NOT a zeppole borough.

    DiFara's Pizza, if I'm not mistaken, makes fried dough every day, and--like everything else there--it's great.

    Check out the long, long thread about this place on the Outer Boroughs board


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Even though I was stuffed, when a guy came in and ordered a dozen zeppoles, Mr. DeMarco took them out of the pizza oven and dumped what seemed to be a third of a box of Domino sugar on them in a large pizza box, I just about mugged the lucky purchaser.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        the problem with that was , you really have to sift it , its just too clumpy

        1. re: joeyg
          Jessica Shatan

          Well, it should be confectioners sugar to begin with and isn't the clumping part of the experience :-)?
          Zeppoles will always be a part of my childhood memory from San Genarro feasts... getting a bag and walking around, the grease coming thru the bag, each one tasting different as they cooled off. Probably the 2nd one was the best, I think there were 6 to a bag.
          When I found out you could buy them in a lot of pizzerias I was a little upset as zeppoles were just forever linked to strolling through the feast as a child. I tried some at Ben's Pizza on Spring and Thompson once as an adult and was sorely disappointed. I guess it is Brooklyn (or feast) food.