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Sep 25, 1999 08:20 PM

New York for a family at Thanksgiving

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Any suggestions for an out of town family (boys age 6&
8) in NYC over thanksgiving?

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    Josh Mittleman

    Indeed I do: Skip the turkey, and plan a banquet at the
    best Chinese restaurant you can afford.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      Definitely bag the turkey. Not a one of the many
      traditional Thanksgiving dinners I've eaten at
      Manhattan restaurants rose above slightly below
      average. And one or two were downright nasty. The
      volume of meals restuarants have to crank out is just
      too high. Once I had Christmas dinner at the Thailand
      Restaurant in Chinatown; now THAT was good. It was the
      place's usual, tasty Thai fare. Last year I had
      awesome Indian food for T'giving, but that was in
      London, at a spot called Tamarind.

      Josh offers some sound advice. I just may do that
      myself this year!

      Good luck and enjoy your trip.

      1. re: Susan T.

        Skipping the turkey sounds like a great idea. Any other
        ideas/names for the rest of the weekend? Many

        1. re: Greg Spence

          Greg, a few ideas for you and the kiddoes: Walk across
          the Brooklyn Bridge (if it's not too cold). Take the
          Staten Island Ferry. Ride the merry-go-round in
          Central Park. Check out the armor and the Egyptian
          wing at the Metropolitan Museum. Pick one or two
          things you'd like to see at the American Museum of
          Natural History, and get there the very first thing in
          the morning to avoid the crowds. (The very first
          thing!) Remember, Times Square will be very, very
          crowded if you do decide to see a show--better yet,
          pick a kids' movie in another more neighborhoody
          neighborhood and be one of the locals for the day.
          (For instance, Loews 19th Street will put you in
          striking distance of the Union Square Greenmarket and
          lots of fine restaurants, including Molly's & its
          excellent cheeseburgers.)

          Jim's book, referenced around this site somewhere,
          will give you lots of good restaurant ideas, and you
          should do a search for "kids," too, and I'm sure all
          kinds of great information will turn up.

          Have fun!


          1. re: Susan T.

            Thank you all for the suggestions. This inquiry was for a friend and he's happily integrating some of your suggestions into his trip. We really appreciate it.

          2. re: Greg Spence

            the lunch buffet at Jackson Diner (quick to get to
            from Midtown on the train - and the Flushing Line ride
            has great city views) is excellent for kids - even if
            they don't want curried goat or cauliflower, my kids
            have always enjoyed the roti, the rice and the dal -
            and both of my girls love the regular menu masala
            dosai (so do I) If they are used to spicy foods, all
            the better. For dessert, they might like the jalebis
            at one of the indian sweet shops nearby - the orange
            translucent "pretzels" filled with syrup - or they
            might not. The commercial district of Jackson Heights
            is hardly beautiful or full of parks or playgrounds
            but for interesting ethnic and food sights it can
            hardly be beat. Maybe others have other suggestions
            for this area - if you are travelling through La
            guardia, it is a short bus ride away.

            One of the major NY Pizzerias would also be a fun
            visit -if the weather is mild (not usual for
            Thanksgiving - it usually gets freezing cold then, in
            my experience) you could try the Aquarium in Coney
            Island and perhaps Totonnos, tho I don't know how long
            a walk that is from the Aquarium. Patsy Grimaldi's
            under the Brooklyn Bridge is a good combo with a hike
            across the bridge (call ahead re opening hours, though.

            If you go for dim sum, which my kids love (but they
            were exposed to it from the womb) go early, by 10, or
            on a weekday. Lots of good recommendations have been
            posted already in this category.

            Some kids are suspicious of dim sum or chinese dishes
            generally; we have had some failures with picky-eating
            kid guests in chinatown. If they are unwilling you
            can always order noodles, broccoli (surprisingly) or
            plain rice. Beef with broccoli or beef chow fun have
            usually been good choices with the more conservative