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Sep 24, 1999 09:41 AM

D & D coffee counter -- churros

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Every morning before I go to work I buy a cup of coffee
from any of about 4 places. The place that I have
settled on over the past couple of months is the coffee
counter in the front of Dean and Deluca. It opens at 8
am, 2 hours before the rest of the store; their coffee
is better than anywhere else in the neighborhood except
Ceci Cela, which is further out of the way for me.
(Oddly -- this is Dean and Deluca after all! -- a
large cup of coffee costs $1.35, a bit less than at
most of the other high-end coffee counters in the
neighborhood, and not too much more than at the awful
street vendors.)

Their pastries are very good but outlandishly
expensive (eg $2.50 for a muffin); occasionally I treat
myself. Today I had a churro, a relatively new offering
-- a fried Mexican pastry stick dusted with sugar and
cinnamon, for $1.25. Excellent!

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  1. To follow up -- I went by Ceci Cela last night to make
    sure their coffee (which I had not had in a while)
    really is better than D&D like I said. Yep -- much
    better. But also more expensive, and a longer walk.

    And here's something weird -- I went by Ozzie's in
    Park Slope today (the one on 7th), and their coffee is
    more expensive than D&D, and not as good!

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    1. re: Jeremy
      Jessica Shatan

      D&D coffee is one of the better deals around, their latte's (my personal addiction) are cheaper and better than most, too. As SoHo resident I am still lamenting the close of D&D Coffee & Tea on Prince St., now a clothing store (Club Monaco).
      For a while I was addicted to the fat-free cranberry-orange muffin. Better than any fat-free or low-fat muffin I've ever had, studded with cranberries and topped with a delicious orange icing (hey icing is fat-free naturally!). I will try the churros.
      I like to drink the coffee there looking out on Broadway, in those hours before it becomes a shopping mall.
      QUESTION: Where is Ceci Cela?
      Also: I have been to Ozzies numerous times and think it is generally overrated, and the staff never knows what the baked goods even are.

      1. re: Jessica Shatan

        Ceci Cela is on Spring St., a few doors east of Lafayette, on the north side of the street.